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Incentive for Excellent Results in Education

A unique benefit which recognizes and celebrates excellent achievements in education by a member’s children. Incentive would be awarded according to the level of achievement of the member’s children and which further encourages them to do better in their future education.

     Recognizes and rewards outstanding achievements in education in the form of cash.
     Incentive aims to encourage member’s children to maintain their excellent standards throughout their educational       path.
     Recognition for excellent achievements in UPSR, PT 3, SPM, STPM and admissions to local public universities.
     Incentive in the form of cash aims to encourage member’s children to utilize the incentive for their education.
     NRIC of member, copy of birth certificate of member’s child and copy of the examination result slip (certified true
       copies) are required for processing.
     Additional documents for verification and processing may be required by Koperasi NUCW Berhad.
     Request for claim must be submitted by member within six months of the announcement of the examination        results by the education ministry.
     Membership of six months and above is required to be eligible for this benefit.

* Subject to Terms & Conditions.