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Maternity or Parenthood Benefit

A benefit which promotes and encourages family institution among its co-operative members.

     Aims at promoting and encouraging family institution among members.
     Benefit in the form of cash would be given.
     Both male and female members can qualify for this benefit.
     Benefit would be doubled if both husband and wife are members of the co-operative.
     Benefit payout is applicable for up to a maximum of first five children only.
     For muslims, benefit is only applicable for the children of the first wife.
     Aims to ease a member’s additional expenses during the time of the new born.
     NRIC of member, salinan sijil akuan kelahiran from hospital and birth certificate of the new born (certified true
      copies) are required for processing.
     Additional documents for verification and processing may be required by Koperasi NUCW Berhad.
     Request for claim must be submitted by member within six months from the date of the delivery of the new born.
     Membership of six months and above is required to be eligible for this benefit.

* Subject to Terms & Conditions.