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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Koperasi NUCW Berhad strives to be a thriving, sustainable & leading credit co-operative organization in Malaysia, championing the socio-economic advancement of its members, guided by honest, accountable and entrepreneurial co-operative virtues.

Our Mission

Koperasi NUCW Berhad is committed towards the wellbeing of its members by adopting the following principles:

     Fosters a sense of community among its members
     Advocates democratic member-ownership co-operative society
     Strives for continuous economic empowerment of its members through diversification of its resources.

Our Motto

We mean the following by our motto:

Equality-All our members are treated the same regardless of their ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, education, income and disability. The provisions in the Co-operative Societies Act 1993 and our by-laws bind all our members without any form of favour or discrimination.
Equity-Fair and just distribution of economic pie among our members proportionately with their savings and equal access and opportunity to all our privileges and economic activities.
Solidarity-Unity among our members is the essence in achieving our common objective of advancing our socio-economic status. Through unity, our members seek to nurture and protect the harmonious relationship built over time between Koperasi NUCW Berhad and its members and, among members, for a brighter future together.

Koperasi NUCW Berhad Client Charter

Our Promise to Our Members:

     We will always welcome you with a smile
     We will serve you with courtesy, respect and dedication
     We will always endeavour to give you clear, accurate and comprehensive information
     We will always be responsive to your enquiries and feedback and strive to resolve them within reasonable time       frame
     We will always ensure that our office is convenient and accessible to you
     We will always adopt a prudent, accountable and transparent governance